Michelle Gault, Head of Product, Herschel Supply Co.

For over twenty years, Michelle has been in the fashion business in different roles from the sales floor, buying, product management and most recently the Head of Product for Herschel.

Michelle has been with Herschel for almost six years and has watched it grow from 12 people to 200. Herschel has offices in China, Hong Kong, New York and LA. Michelle is responsible for running teams across Design, Development and Manufacturing.

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Daryl Louie, Co-Founder and CEO, Antisocial Solutions

Daryl Louie is the Co-Founder and CEO of AntiSocial Media Solutions, a digital marketing agency with offices in Vancouver and Toronto. His team of 40+ handles Social Media Strategy and Execution, Website Build + SEO optimization, and Digital Advertising Campaign Management. Daryl has worked in digital marketing for 10+ years spanning many industries. The teams he leads have worked on brands prominent on Social Media including Jimmy Pattison Group, Vancouver Police Foundation, Fairmont, White Spot, Notable, El Furniture Warehouse, Blueprint, Lords of Gastown, and more.

Ross Allen, Director/ Head of Content, The MIX Canada

Born and raised in the UK, Ross Allen has travelled all over the world to produce and direct stories on a variety of topics. From food to sports to music, Allen has worked with brands like Red Bull TV, Mitsubishi, and Under Armour. As Head of Content at The MIX, the British director is using his years of industry experience to ensure that every story we tell is told in the most captivating and creative way possible. When he’s not focused on creating content you’ll find him in the water, up the mountains or on the golf course!


Crystal DeCnodder, Partner & VP Digital Marketing, Full Blast Creative

Crystal DeCnodder is a featured speaker, as well as an instructor and curriculum developer at Mount Royal University and SAIT.

Crystal presents on the topics of digital strategy, e-Commerce marketing, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) in marketing automation, social media advertising, analytics and analysis, and consumer profiling.

When she’s away from keyboard, she spends her time with family, skateboarding, traveling, or reading a good book.


Lexie Carbone, Later.com

Lexie is a content writer at Later and lives in Los Angeles, CA. She’s helped dozens of brands build their social presence and take their content strategy to the next level. You can connect with her on Instagram at @lexiecarbone.


Emily Miller Palmquist, Director, EMP Creative

Spanning over two decades, Emily’s career in fashion is marked with consulting leadership roles in Creative Direction and Marketing for both independent and global brands.

Stephen Gendron, CEO, NewKnow

Steve Gendron is Co-Founder and Co-CEO of NewKnow, bringing over 20 years of experience in the retail industry. With years of experience running a retail store, then working as a distributor for brands like Liberty Skis, TOMS Shoes and Havaianas Sandals Steve founded NewKnow In January 2015 in collaboration with his business partner Jaffray Hill. Outside of the office, Steve spends his time unplugged with his family: skiing, hanging at the cottage, and golfing (although he is terrible at it.)

Sean Miller, Sales and Business Development Manager, Parkland Mfg.

Sean Miller is a Vancouver based Sales and Business Development Manager for Parkland Design and Manufacturing. He has spent 20 years in the action sport, lifestyle and fashion industry including: retail, distribution, manufacturing, and sales and marketing; and helped brands successfully execute in Canada. Sean now works with Parkland leading the global brand strategy with a focus on sales both wholesale and direct to consumer. Starting in 2018, Parkland will make all of their products from 100% recycled polyester (made from recycled water bottles), a major step in becoming a more sustainable company.

Brian White, VP North American Sales, Nixon

Brian White is a nationally awarded entrepreneur, with 17 years of Agency experience in Canada. Currently living in Cardiff, California, he leads Nixon Sales as VP of the Americas. Brian is an industry veteran fortunate to have worked with many top brands including Luxottica, K2, Nike / Hurley and Dakine. His specialties are Sales management, Brand positioning, Segmentation, Retail Marketing and above all customer experience.





Speaker: Michelle Gault, Head of Product, Herschel Supply Co.

Since it’s inception in 2010, Herschel Supply Co., has followed a meteoric rise to prominence in the streetwear scene and continues to grow today through rapid expansion into new categories. As Head of Product, Michelle Gault has had a hand in the design, development, and manufacturing of an ever-expanding line of goods. In her keynote, she will discuss how as an industry leader, Herschel Supply Co. is bridging the gap between product and brand, and how they are building impactful marketing programs that will speak to consumers today, tomorrow and in the future.


Speakers: Daryl Louie, Co-Founder and CEO, Anti Social Solutions & Ross Allen, Director/Head of Content, The MIX Canada

Where and how you invest your effort, and more importantly, your budget, can make or break the success of your digital marketing campaigns. This workshop will help you hone your brand’s voice, prioritize what channels you should focus on, and identify the assets you need to put together for an effective and successful digital marketing strategy.


Speaker: Lexie Carbone, Content Writer, Later.com

Still growing at a rapid pace, Instagram sees over 250 Million active users daily and is an essential marketing platform for Retailers and Brands. Since the change over from chronological to an algorithmic timeline, it is becoming increasingly harder for Brands to get in front of their audience. Learn about what you can do to get the most exposure out of your account with tips, tricks and hacks that will increase visibility and engagement in 2018.



Speaker: Crystal DeCnodder, Partner & VP Digital Marketing, Full Blast Creative

Despite the ability to purchase products online, people still choose to make their way to physical stores, not because they want to “buy stuff,” but because they want an experience they can’t find anywhere else. In fact, the relationship between online marketing and driving foot traffic to your retail location has never been more connected. Join Crystal DeCnodder from Full Blast Creative as she shares Facebook tactics and strategies to help drive more customers to your storefront.


Moderated by: Emily Miller Palmquist, Director, EMP Creative

Panelists: Stephen Gendron, CEO, NewKnow
Sean Miller, Sales and Business Development Manager, Parkland Mfg.
Brian White, VP North American Sales, Nixon

Today’s consumers have countless options in where to spend their dollars and customer service is where brands and shops have to stand out to make an imprint. This fireside chat will look at how leading brands and retailers are creating proactive customer service programs, managing the new reality of public feedback and harnessing tech to ensure that their customers are walking out happy, and coming back soon.