Top 5 KNOWSHOW brands that are making an impact.

In honour of National Earth Day we decided to look into brands that are making an impact right now and are betting high on sustainability.


Brands are starting to make a change and improve their social responsibility component as their #1 priority knowing that consumers are more aware of what is happening in the world. At KNOWSHOW we know that being sustainable does not mean just being "green" it goes beyond that, so having brands that are conscious about materials, their communities and spreading awareness is really important for us as well.


Here are the top 5 responsible brands that will showcase at KNOWSHOW:



1. TenTree: Planting trees, changing lives

This company’s focus is more than just planting trees. They want to help change lives, so they’ve partnered with lots of not-for-profits across the planet. Aiming for global footprint, they’re working closely with those companies to ensure and identify the regions that will benefit the most from planting trees.

Read more about them here.



2. Burton: We’re only as good as the impact we have

This company has been investing to improve the lives of everyone that’s been involved with their products’ creation.

They’re aiming for 100% Fair Labor Association compliance by 2020 so that every person making their products work in safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly conditions.

Read more about it here.



Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 3.50.27 PM.png

3. Icebreaker: Sustainability isn’t just a feature of our products, it’s in the values and design of our business.

Icebreaker has maintained its transparency by developing a business based on close, long term relationships. They know exactly where and how their garments are being made.

Read more about it here.



4. BN3TH: We are not perfect but we are trying.

BN3TH strives to innovate every day, constantly looking for better ways to manufacture their products. They try to ensure that every possible action is taken towards having a lesser impact on the environment through the use of materials and methods.

Read more about them here.  



 5. Dakine: Respect the land, sea and the locals.

The land and the sea are more than just their playground. Dakine believes that these places are our sanctuary, where we find escape, freedom, and connection. Respect has always been a core value of this company and they are aiming to have a positive impact on the world by reducing the impact of their product, improving internal processes and helping to build and advocate community.

 Read more here.

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Jani Tsui