Message From The Founder

It takes a special type of person to venture into retail and brand development, especially in the action sport and lifestyle fashion industry. You need to possess a unique point of view, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a ton of resilience to make it work in an industry that is ever changing due to the nature technology, communication, and a myriad of economic factors. The shops and brands we run are built on a patchwork of systems devised from trial and error, common sense and innovation, and fuelled by the need to make ends meet. It can be a tough road to go alone.

When the KNOWSHOW became part of the Cube Business Media family a few years ago, an exciting opportunity began materializing as we embedded our trade show into a company with an impressive institutional experience in cultivating thought leadership across multiple industries.

Today we're launching this year's expanded KNOWHOW Conference. We're excited to build a space where retailers and brands can come together to share experiences, ideas and tactical actions to help grow in our ever-changing market. I'm excited to be involved with a conference that gives entrepreneurs who often have to go it alone, a venue to learn and grow.

KNOWHOW Conference speakers

KNOWHOW Conference speakers

This year's conference will cover the latest trends in retail, operational best practices, marketing strategies, and will tackle the growing importance of sustainability in the world of lifestyle fashion.
The one thing that remains constant in our business right now is the reality that it is changing. If you are looking for new ideas on how to guide your company through these times, I hope you'll consider joining us this July.

Perry Pugh, KNOWSHOW Founder

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