Early Bird Gets The Worm. We know because we’ve travelled to the future.

With the early bird registration deadline just one week away, we decided to borrow a time machine from the office next door and take a trip to the future to actually show you WHAT your day will look like with all the awesome perks you get as an Early Bird retailer.

So fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!


DAY 1 - The Conference

"Wow, I don’t think my socks are matching", I thought to myself as I was driving into Vancouver on a sunny Monday morning. This city is as beautiful as they said. I zoned out and was thinking about all the things I was planning to accomplish at the KNOWSHOW in the next two days...But first, hotel check-in and then head over to the KNOWHOW Conference.

Going through the math in my head, I'm mentally counting the amount of chai tea lattes I can have with all the money I saved on hotel and conference tickets. You only live once, right? Convention Centre looks pretty cool and I hope nobody will really notice my socks. I'm grabbing a latte and starting to get excited, Craig efing McMorris is MC'ing this thing, how awesome is this conference going to be?? I glance through the agenda once again, make mental notes about the sessions I'm most excited about and take my seat. Let the show begin.


DAY 2 - The Show

Didn't really expect to have so much fun with these guys from Calgary who I met yesterday at the KNOWHOW Conference. All thanks to my unmatching socks, get the irony. I guess I'm going to Calgary now since they have some very useful contacts I can meet. Not in winter though. I really need a coffee, but I'm late, so no chai lattes for me today. I don't even have time to make sure the sock fiasco doesn't happen again. I just rush to the Vancouver Convention Centre, holding my badge like a medal of honour.


Holly laces, there's a huge line up with people waiting to pick up their badge. I immediately assess the situation (as much as I could after yesterday’s happy hour) and notice a huge advantage of mine: I HAVE A BADGE ALREADY. Oh yeah, this badge was sent to me 2 weeks ago so I don’t have to line up! One quick stop at the VIP retailers lounge to get my free coffee and snacks and I am ready to get this party started.


DAY 3 - The Show

When I mention a party I didn't realize how literal this is going to be. Yeah, the Apres Party was a blast and suffice to say I received lots of compliments on my socks. This proved to be a great ice breaker (lifehack). Although this morning was a tiny bit rough and I am really looking forward to that comfy chair in the retailers VIP lounge. First of all, everything feels better with "VIP" next to it and also all the coffee I can drink (!) which will turn me back into a functioning individual. Ah, the nectar of gods...also free.

I'm opening my laptop and trying to collect my thoughts after yesterday. Mental note: make time to write that order onsite so we get you free shipping. I’m feeling super organized with all my meetings booked ahead of time using the appointment concierge. Pro tip: I could learn more about the Exhibitors ahead of time with the enhanced Exhibitors listing page, so I should give myself a pat on the back for being that organized. I think I deserve a treat for that and a fresh haircut at the Toucan Trading pop-up just might be it.


This is going to be another awesome day at the KNOWSHOW...Oh no, where did I leave my socks yesterday?


Time machines are tricky business and you never know what to expect. But the only thing we're sure of is that Early Bird perks DO make life easier, so don't delay any longer and register today.

Register here.

P.S. If the person reading this recognized yourself in the future, please make sure you have enough matching socks!

Jani Tsui