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As our priority pricing on KNOWHOW Conference tickets ends Friday, we wanted to make sure we properly introduced the incredible list of speakers we've got lined up. Read on to learn more about this bright group of people and how their experiences and accomplishments have helped shape successful endeavours.

Craig McMorris, X Games Medalist / Olympic Broadcaster / Amateur Tattoo Artist
Not only is Craig a world-class snowboarder, but his mastery of Social Media has also built a massive +150k following on Instagram.

@gimbalgod aka Spencer Whiting, Snowboarder / Videographer
On snow @GimbalGod can ride with the best of them, and his unique follow-cam cinematography has garnered millions of online views.

Steve Thorp, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Postmark Brewing
Steve is a serial entrepreneur, with deep experience launching brands into highly competitive market-places. He continues to build lifestyle brands that stand out in the crowd, such as Postmark Brewing, the Urban Winery and Havana.

Michelle Bishop, Owner, Elle’s Closet Boutique
Using Instagram, personally and proficiently, Michelle, built a substantial audience of 18,000 followers on Instagram which helped put her shop on the map.

Kenny MacIntyre, Managing Director, The Red Bull 3tyle World DJ Championships
Started The Red Bull 3tyle World DJ Championships as an underground experiment in 2007 and has grown into the world’s largest DJ competition

Kyle Parsons, Founder & President, Indosole
During his first trip to Bali Kyle purchased a pair of sandals with soles made from motorbike tires. These unique sandals prompted Kyle to build a company that helps tackle the over one billion waste tires that end up in landfills each year.

Bob Kronbauer, Editor in Chief, Vancouver is Awesome
Bob has worked as a graphic designer for Girl Skateboards, Lakai Footwear and as the Global Artist Mentor for Nike 6.0.

David Ian Gray, Principal, Retail Strategist, Insights
David is a recognized expert on shopping trends and retail strategies, and he helps organizations identify their target audiences and find ways to build deep connections with them.

Christie Lohr, Founder, Style Nine to Five
Christie has the inside scoop from both job seekers and retail employers in the fashion industry and is an expert on what makes a successful job candidate.

David Luba, Founder/ VP Sales, tentree
David has built tentree into a Certified B Corporation, with a sustainability plan not just for how they manufacture the products they sell but on the legacy they will leave behind. To date, tentree has planted 20 Million trees in over 10 countries.

Emily Miller Palmquist, Fashion & Trend Consultant
Emily holds a Masters Degree in Fashion Trend Forecasting is currently the Interim Program Director of Fashion at LaSalle College. She has become a known authority on what trends to watch for and how best to adopt them.

Eric Termuende, Co-Founder, NoW Innovations
Eric is an authority on future-proofing teams, talent management, and re-humanizing the workplace. His best-selling book, Rethink Work, has become a must-read for today’s business leaders.

Jessica Thomas Cooke, Partner/Director of Talent, INF Influencer Agency
Jessica’s expertise has helped win market share for brands such as L'Oreal, Shoppers Drug Mart, Marriott Hotels, Smashbox and many more.

Marie-Philippe Jean, Storyteller and Strategic Consultant (JanSport)
Marie Philippe is a storytelling wizard with a wellness digital brand behind her back that evolved into a social community, two awarded web series and a TV show.

Matt Corker, CEO & People Consultant, The Corker Collective Inc.
Matt has worked with Olympic & Ironman athletes, business execs and aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them all find, develop and retain the best people.

Asfand Minhas, Lightspeed
As a sales engineer Asfand has helped hundreds of retailers optimize their business and increase sales.

Glencora Twigg, Fairware
Glencora is an authority on sustainable products, micro and macro trends and shifts in retail. In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavours, she has been an instructor with LaSalle College and VCAD

Perry Pugh, Founder, KNOWSHOW
After starting his first business at age 15, Perry was a runner up for a YTV Achievement awards in back to back years (losing twice).

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