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Recap Video from KNOWHOW Conference 2018


JULY 8, 2019

Vancouver Convention Centre, West

Everything is so dynamic and changing constantly. As a brand owner, its hard to stay on top of the trends and everything’s that’s happening, so it’s good to get a perspective from multiple people on what’s going on out there.
 -Jason Broz, Owner, FIX Binding Co.

-Jason Broz, Owner, FIX Binding Co.

About knowhow conference

At the 2nd Annual KNOWHOW Conference, brands and retailers engage with industry leaders and subject matter experts to learn about emerging trends and tactical skills needed to navigate the competitive retail landscape. No matter your role or size of your organization, the KNOWHOW Conference will provide fresh ideas and market-tested strategies designed to help your business to survive and thrive in a constantly changing consumer marketplace.

Education is everything. Things change very fast in the digital age and we all need to keep on top of the industry and the market and there’s no better way to do that than at the KNOWHOW Conference.
 -Emily Miller Palmquist, Director, EMP Creative

-Emily Miller Palmquist, Director, EMP Creative