Meet our latest speakers: Geordie Flanagan and Alex Chan from AntiSocial Media Solutions

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Geordie Flanagan is AntiSocial Media Solutions’ Account Director. Prior to his three years with the Vancouver and Toronto-based Digital Marketing Agency, Geordie worked within the action sports industry before landing a role with North America’s number one telecommunications company. Combining his excitement for sales, marketing and the ever-growing digital landscape, Geordie is dedicated to helping brands of all kinds find their online presence.

Alex Chan has over a decade of website development and brand management experience. Starting in 2003 at Hutchison Telecommunications in Hong Kong, he helped launch the world’s first 3G network and website. Since returning to Canada, Alex started an agency that developed websites for small companies to large businesses in need of eCommerce support and internet traffic. His most recent project, AntiSocial Media Solutions, has become a leading digital branding agency in Vancouver BC and Toronto ON. 

About AntiSocial Media Solutions:

AntiSocial Media Solutions is a digital branding and marketing agency that grows the online presence of companies across Canada and internationally. They specialise in storytelling through social video production and creating an authentic connection between clients and their customers.


Meet the Speaker with Kyle Treleaven

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Kyle is BrainStation Vancouver's General Manager. With over 10 years of startup industry experience, focused on growing online communities and eCommerce, he’s motivated by creating a collaborative and innovative space where lifelong learners can level up their digital skills.

ON January 17th Kyle will


Meet the Speaker: Jeff Harbaugh

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Jeff has been involved in the active outdoor industry since 1991 as a manager, consultant, analyst and investor. He received his MBA in finance and international business from the Wharton School and spent some years in international banking, corporate development, consulting and turnaround management. In 1991, he walked into Nitro Snowboard’s U.S. distributor in a three piece suit. The suit lasted about a day and a half.

As Nitro’s President, Jeff helped to rationalize the company, raise some capital and ultimately sell it. In the process, he wrote an article for Transworld Snowboarding Business. That article evolved into the well-received Market Watch column that has run continuously since 1995.

As a consultant working with industry companies with issues of transition, an analyst, and an observer of industry trends Jeff has kept retailers and brands ahead of the curve so that they could make inevitable industry evolution work for them.

At the peak of the snowboarding industry in the mid-90s, he explained what the trends in the industry would be as it matured and consolidated.

As early as 2004, he was recommending that retailers focus on inventory turn and gross margin dollars rather than sales growth and gross margin percentage.

In 2008, he warned that the debt caused recession was going to impact the industry for a long time, and that the large sales increases the industry had become used to were going to be hard to achieve. He suggested that growth in profitability would require a focus on expense management, and inventory and distribution.

By 2010 he was high lighting the relationship between good systems and successful brand positioning and management. He sees inventory management and distribution as critical to brand building.

Around 2012 he started suggesting that an industry with limited product differentiation would be a hard place for public companies that require regular quarterly revenue growth to compete.

Currently, he’s wondering what, exactly, “omnichannel” means and how ecommerce and brick and mortar sales support or detract from each other. And he’s trying to figure out how to run a business when the only thing the customer needs you for is to make the product. What’s the source of brand differentiation?

On January 17th Jeff will be sharing knowledge and insights in his KNOWMORE Keynote: 
The Economy and Your Business Model: What’s the Connection and What to Do About It?

FBOMB Trading's ALPHA Launch Party Recap

On Thursday, July 13 Fbomb Trading presented the Alpha Industries Canada Launch Westcoast edition. Check out the photos by Brandon Artis below. 

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UASHMAMA® washable paper is made using a virgin fiber through cultivation, not deforestation. It is paper that washes like fabric, but holds its form so it can be used over and over again promoting sustainability which is perfect for entertaining, home wares, and unique storage solutions. The bags are soft, yet resilient. The manufacturing process is similar to leather as the paper is stretched and tanned making it durable to withstand washing and daily use. Le Sorelle, which means ‘the sisters’, is a small family owned company based in Tuscany, Italy that started the UASHMAMA® brand. Run by husband/ wife team, Marco and Emanuela and their four daughters, Chiara, Giulia, Gemma and Gaia.  

The original paper bags were meant to be used as bread bags for the table and are still made by hand in a Tuscan village. These bags have quickly become a unique and creative option to house various types of plants.UASHMAMA® recently launched a new type of material for the bags that are still made of paper but are water resistant, making them an even better solution for plants.

The brand has continued to expand, creating a diverse line of products for the home and table as well as many accessory pieces such as totes, clutches, wallets and much, much more. 

See them for yourself at KNOWSHOW Vancouver. 


We were born to chase what we are true to. It’s not that we want to... WE HAVE TO. We have a vision that turns obstacles into opportunity. A creative courage to tempt the impossible... And embrace the strange. Telling us to push further... To try again. Endlessly seeking elevation... We are all connected by this same internal force. Forever we chase that intoxicating moment when our vision is realized... The world around us goes quiet... And for brief moments, we are more than alive. Volcom True To This

Volcom will be at KNOWSHOW Vancouver. See you there!


Boardies® are designed for those who like to have fun and express their individuality.  Exclusive hand drawn print designs are created on quality super quick dry materials for your comfort and style. Boardies® designer's travel the world looking for inspiration and spotting fashion trends that can be interpreted in to our unique styles. Based in London when its warm, the team behind Boardies® have extensive fashion experience, particularly in swimwear and pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries in design innovation, production quality and creativity.

Boardies will be showing in KNOWSHOW Vancouver. Book an appointment to check out their latest collection. 

ANNOUNCING: Alpha Industries Official Launch Party

Come through for the Alpha Industries Offical Launch Party

Join us as Alpha Industries takes flight in Canada, Preview the Fall/Winter 2017 Collection and explore our heritage of producing iconic styles such as the MA-1, M-65, N-3B for the U.S Military.

Thursday, July 13/2017
Vancouver Urban Winery
397 Alexander Street
Vancouver, BC
6:30pm- 10:30pm
Music by Sincerely Hana & guests

FREE entry w/ KNOWSHOW badges or MEDIA RSVP to 

Thanks to the sponsors:
Fbomb Trading
Red Bull
Clase Azul

RVCA Partners with NLA


 RVCA is pleased to announce their new partnership with NLA, as new Western Canadian Reps for the RVCA brand. 

RVCA Canadian Sales Manager Rodney Harris comments, “Having known the crew at NLA for over 20 years, I am very excited to be working together with our Brand. We couldn’t think of a better fit, and with their commitment to excellence and service, we are looking forward to our future together” 

NLA will be selling and showing RVCA for Spring 18. Make sure to visit them at the KnowShow in Vancouver.


Fento Eyewear

Fento® is a lifestyle company, dedicated to design and development of clothing accessories, we offer our customers unique pieces, innovating and environmentally responsible items.

Our products are characterized by a philosophy of "connection with nature" through current concepts, elegant and luxurious that meets the needs of each client.

This connection begins with the definition of style and product concept, which determine the careful choice of eco-friendly raw materials that artisans transform into a piece of full experiences for the user.

Mistura Timepieces

Mistura's artistic purpose is to combine the randomness of nature with the precision of time; to create timepieces full of design, sustainable innovation, and craftsmanship. They always seek to fulfill our promise of quality and follow-through on our social and environmental commitment in each of our processes. Their passion is to make each creation an experience, while at the same time something as unique as a fingerprint.

Mistura's wooden watches are hand crafted from wood and other renewable resource and they are configured to the specific requirements of our customers. From white leather straps to teak surrounds, from striking orange hands to subtle wooden dials, they offer something for every taste.

Announcing Table Top Market for KNOWSHOW Vancouver

Announcing Table Top Market for KNOWSHOW Vancouver

Introducing The TableTop Market, a curated selection of local and international accessory brands at KNOWSHOW. Walk the marketplace, adjacent the shows central lounge, and browse the unique offering of Jewelry, household accessories, personal care products, and Retail Services. There is even a Mobile Portrait Studio where you can get a one of a kind Tin Type photo. Grab a drink, and browse and rethink retail at the TableTop Market.


What started off the back of a couch in a small apartment in Huntington Beach slowly grew into a movement. What sparked it all was some tattoo work with Nikko Hurtado and the subsequent first Tattoo Artist Series tee grew into a globally recognized brand known as the Sullen Art Collective. Over 200 artists have contributed since the brand's inception in 2001. With styles varying from Black and Grey fine line, bold traditional americana , and colorful realistic tattoo art. Sullen embodies the lifestyle of tattooing and honors its traditions. We hope you join the family because we've always believed that #TogetherWeRise the #SullenArtCollective

Catch Sullen at KNOWSHOW Vancouver.


Equally happy strutting its stuff alone or with strategic sock in place, the Slyde is boldly going where fashion once feared to tread… and this time it’s leaving a style footprint that’s going to stick.

Slydes can seamlessly transfer your look from daytime loafer to after-hours looker, from athletic pursuits to casual intentions, from the front room to the lounge bar – dress them up or down, the choices are yours.

Slydes are designed to be lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear. Exotic prints, statement graphics, luxe materials, subtle patterns and louche ambitions foster an individual look that few other styles can match.

Slydes will be showing in KNOWSHOW Vancouver. 


Inspired by a time where minds and bodies were free, Rolla's jeans embodies the essence of the 1970's which is relevant now more than ever.

Freedom of expression is key for the youth of any era and body confidence and positivity is what Rolla's is all about. Rolla's in inspired by a time when denim was fun & fashion based. During the 70's, high-end fashion houses offered denim jeans for the first time and a new era exploded. Stretch denim allowed for a sexier appeal; jeans were worn for looking good and going out; not just for function and heritage.

The essence of Rolla's design is a clean modern look created using long slim lines and substantial fabric weights with superior hold and fabulous feel. The aim is to create a flattering jean that looks and feels amazing. Denim washes are 'lo-fi' in an authentic sense with no tricked up detailing.

Rolla's jeans are the real deal

Rolla's will be showing at KNOWSHOW Vancouver. 

Lisbeth Jewelry

Toronto-based, Canadian jewelry designer. Handmade in Canada. Sterling Silver, 14 karat, and real gemstones.

Sophie Alden created Lisbeth Jewelry out of her passion for design and for her desire to create pieces that were missing from her personal wardrobe.  Handmade in Vancouver, Lisbeth Jewelry is a collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings featuring materials such as 14k gold fill, sterling silver, and some semi-precious stones. Lisbeth Jewelry evokes and air of understated glamor with a twist. The designs are simple and classic with some edgier components mixed in. Lisbeth Jewelry is available in boutiques across Canada.