Spring Trends Part 2

One of the best things about the KNOWSHOW is getting so many unique people and perspectives under one roof.  During the show last January we spent some time picking the brains of a group of the show's attendees to get their thoughts on a couple topics. 

As Spring is in full swing, we wanted to see what these influencers saw as the biggest trends happening right now in Lifestyle Fashion. Check out their videos below.

Here is Brett Sandford from The Source/ LESS17 in Calgary, AB talking about what is stoking their stores right now. 

Here is Jen Rainnie from Malvados sharing her insights on the latest trends in footwear this Spring.

Here is David Luba from Tentree talking about the importance of storytelling this season.

Here's Asif Moola from Momentum talking about the change in style with pants this season. 

Next week we will be debuting a series of videos that tackle the Question :
"What is your biggest challenge in your business, and what are you doing to tackle it?"

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