Inspired by a time where minds and bodies were free, Rolla's jeans embodies the essence of the 1970's which is relevant now more than ever.

Freedom of expression is key for the youth of any era and body confidence and positivity is what Rolla's is all about. Rolla's in inspired by a time when denim was fun & fashion based. During the 70's, high-end fashion houses offered denim jeans for the first time and a new era exploded. Stretch denim allowed for a sexier appeal; jeans were worn for looking good and going out; not just for function and heritage.

The essence of Rolla's design is a clean modern look created using long slim lines and substantial fabric weights with superior hold and fabulous feel. The aim is to create a flattering jean that looks and feels amazing. Denim washes are 'lo-fi' in an authentic sense with no tricked up detailing.

Rolla's jeans are the real deal

Rolla's will be showing at KNOWSHOW Vancouver.