Announcing Table Top Market for KNOWSHOW Vancouver

Introducing The TableTop Market, a curated selection of local and
international accessory brands at KNOWSHOW. Walk the marketplace,
adjacent the shows central lounge, and browse the unique offering of
Jewelry, household accessories, personal care products, and Retail
Services. There is even a Mobile Portrait Studio where you can get a one of
a kind Tin Type photo. Grab a drink, and browse and rethink retail at the
TableTop Market.

Slowtide Towels saw a category that had been ignored and overlooked. From dyeing fabrics, mixing paints, manipulating pixels and collaborating with artists and photographers, Slowtide created a new medium for art. Based in Hawaii & California, Slowtide ties together a sentiment for the water and art.

aim cream.jpg

AIM Cream has 5 key ingredients and hundreds of benefits. AIM Cream is a natural pain relief cream that temporarily relieves activity-induced muscle pain and soreness. It’s easy, it’s safe, and it works. Day in, day out, trust AIM to power you past your limits. F*CK PAIN

Katz & Dahl Jewelry is the collaborative creation of two Vancouver based designers. Katz x Dahl is a paradoxical amalgamation of all that is dark and dreamy. Embracing the concept of minimalism as investing in quality and owning less, their ethos is to create timeless original pieces that are treasured and speak to the wearer.

Westerly Umbrellas began in 2013 with the goal of creating better days in the rain. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, they make quality goods to keep you dry, inspiring adventures in any weather. Welcome to Westerly - a place where rain delays don’t exist.

Layback is dedicated to freeing your mind, escaping the mundane, new experiences and happy places. Get on your skateboard, your bicycle or your sail boat... find some trees, set up your hammock, lay back, and enjoy life.


Les Industries Groom has been a purveyor of finest beard care and shaving supplies since 2013. Their production is carefully handcrafted in a Montreal workshop using ingredients of exceptional quality. You can expect the very best of men’s care from Groom.

EMP Creative represents over 50 industry forecasting publications and digital assets for up to 3 seasons ahead of market. Each report is produced from either Europe or U.S.A with a view on global futures in the design community.


Tin Type Trike is a darkroom on wheels built specially to shoot and process 1860's style photographs made directly on metal plates out of real silver. Each photograph is hand made and one-of-a-kind and can last up to 170 + years. Each photograph takes about 10-15 Mins. to prepare shoot and develop and at the end you go home with the only copy of it that will ever exist.